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AV Jobs are specialist recruiters in the Audio Visual market across UK & Europe. We work with our candidates to find them the right job fit with our clients.

We value your privacy and assure you that your CV and details stay with us until we both agree on a job application. We would only then send your details to our client. Your CV is confidential and you must ensure that anyone who has it sends it only to clients that you have agreed it can be sent to.

candidatespageimageIf we can’t help – we will tell you. If we can help, we will agree a plan to get you into the “perfect” job as soon as we can - but remember it does take time. The more senior you are the longer it will take but we have placed people within a week!

We only work in permanent recruitment but if you are looking for contract work, call us and we’ll recommend someone that can help.

If you are looking for a permanent role in Sales, Engineering, Marketing, Operations at board level, management or at the “coal-face” then we can help you in Pro-AV, Custom Install, Broadcast and Events, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing and Collaborative technology.

Our clients are in manufacturing, distribution, event production, system integration and VARs.

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